Chocolate Care

  • Our truffles are made with fresh ingredients and do not have an extended shelf life. Roots chocolates should be eaten by the "Enjoy by" date on the box. We will not be responsible for flavor fluctuations after the "Enjoy by" date.
  • For BEST flavor and texture, enjoy your chocolates at ROOM temperature. Typically between 65-70 degrees.
  • Roots chocolates can be refrigerated, but if they are exposed to moisture, they may experience chocolate "bloom" or a white streaking color. They can be frozen but should be placed in an airtight bag. Freezing may cause discoloration of the chocolate. Defrost by placing in the refrigerator for one day, then bringing to room temperature. We do not refrigerate nor freeze our chocolates. They are made fresh for you!

Ordering Information

  • If you live in the Wisconsin Dells, Portage or Baraboo areas, we can save you shipping charges as we frequent those towns and may be able to deliver to you for a smaller fee. Please email XXXXXX for more information.
  • Our chocolates are made fresh weekly and typically shipped on Fridays. If we receive your order by Wednesday, we will ship your order the same week.
  • We ship Priority Mail to ensure you receive your chocolates in a timely manner.  If you live in a state with temperatures above 65°F, we recommend you add a cold pack to your order at checkout. We can't guarantee that your chocolate will arrive in perfect condition, particularly in very warm climates or if the package sits on a hot doorstep all day.  By adding a cold pack, you will cut the risk of melting.
  • Regretfully, if you do not provide a correct address and your truffles do not get to their destination, we cannot resend the same truffles back to you because they will have suffered a significant decrease in quality. Be sure the ship to address on your account or email is correct!
  • We do not ship outside of the continental U.S.
  • We prefer payment through PayPal (using your credit card or PayPal account) via the shopping cart buttons on each page. Note that you DO NOT need a PayPal account to make a purchase.
  • We RECYCLE. The packaging protecting your chocolates may not be pretty, but we are attempting to make less of an impact on the Earth by reusing what we may all ready have on hand.