What's in a Name - the Rebranding Game


Re-branding a company is a time consuming, often frustrating, but in the end the best reward.  When I launched my business with the name of LiL chocolates, the name stood for "Life is Like" chocolates.  The problem was, no one understood it as that. Most often I heard, "Oh, look at the LITTLE chocolates." 

Time for a reboot... 

I started considering new names in the fall of 2012.  I wanted something simple which connected my family farm with my chocolates. After all, growing products on the farm to add to my creations is an intimate part of my business.  But I also wanted customers to connect with the history of my family farm.

After narrowing down my list of names, Roots Chocolates was the one that clicked.  It literally took months to get to the point of final launch of the new logo and brand.  I feel the new logo and brand fit nicely with life on the farm growing the seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables used in the chocolates and confections and the twelve bee hives that supply the wonderful raw honey I use in all of my products. 

I look forward to sharing updates from the farm!  Every day is an adventure!