When I grew up on the family farm, we milked cows in the morning then got on the school bus to go to school. My fondest memories are of getting off the bus after school and smelling the warm scent of freshly baked bread leading me to the house. Of all of my siblings, I am the one who inherited the "foodie" gene. I loved helping my mom mix cookie dough and was always available to taste the cake batters. It was my job to make the Krumkake for holiday celebrations. Sweets were always my favorite things to make.  It stuck with me.

Fast forward through the years. Living and traveling in Europe, attending college, owning a business as a personal chef and working years in the IT industry.  When I lost my job in IT Management, it was a blessing. It was an opportunity. It was a gift!

Owner Lisa with one of the apples from her fruit orchard.

Owner Lisa with one of the apples from her fruit orchard.

I made the decision to switch gears to something less stressful and more mindful...chocolate. Why not join my love of being a sustainable farmer, an avid foodie and CHOCOLATE lover!. I pursued my professional chocolate education in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and then interned with one of the instructors at her quaint little shop in Vancouver.  I wanted to know what a larger production shop felt like too, so I sought another internship in Kansas. 

Packed with knowledge, internships, education and recipes, I launched my business in December of 2010.  Melding my love of chocolate with being a 4th generation farm owner is truly a gift.  I can say without regret, I LOVE my career!