Pure raspberry puree and aged balsamic vinegar in a fruity dark chocolate. Fruit forward with a lush, buttery finish.

Kalli MahTah

This is the stand in for putting bacon in chocolate. Salty, briny, chocolatey with a cool texture! Even people who don't like olives like this chocolate.   


Franilla DuVille

Dark chocolate infused with vanilla bean. If you don't think you like dark chocolate, try this one.




Forget the cup of coffee!  Espresso infused dark chocolate with a touch of Kahlua.



Is it getting hot in here?  Two peppers and a chili provide just the right amount of spunk! This one sneaks up on you! 


plain jain.jpg

Plain Jain

It's what's inside that counts.  If you have a refined palette, you might pick up subtle notes of citrus and cinnamon in this 72% single origin chocolate.

Beer Naked


The local craft beer infused in to this dark chocolate center makes them the perfect pair!  The chocolate notes of the beer enhances the flavor profile of this one.


Ms. Figgy


Figs aged in port wine then infused in our dark chocolate center.   You'll love the texture of the tiny fig seeds.

Sea Salt Sugar Baby

Our signature honey caramel draws its flavor profile from the honey our farmstead bees gather throughout summer.  There's something about the salty, caramel chocolate mix. Our best seller!

Lavender n Honey

Our Lavender flowers infused with honey from our farmstead hives in a dark chocolate center. The Lavender will linger in your mouth and take you off to a field of dreams! 

Ol' Fashion


What says Wisconsin more that our favorite drink!  This is a dark-milk chocolate blend with muddled cherry juice from our orchard, along with oranges, bitters and two liquors.   

Sass-Squash (Oct-Dec) - dairy free!

Farm garden squash finished with Wisconsin maple syrup, our farm honey, and ginger.   

squash maple ginger.jpg

The Pumpkinator  (Oct-Nov)

A milk chocolate center finished with pumpkin pie spices and cookies.

*Contains Wheat!

Eggnog (Nov-Dec)


A white chocolate center infused with Wisconsin eggnog and spices. The perfect winter treat!